Putting your confidence in us allows us to provide you with the very best hands on service available. At Impact Personnel Services, we provide a full range of staffing solutions whether it be for large or smaller size companies. We pride ourselves in providing dependable, personalized service to match your specific  requirements.

Every candidate is screened and tested for their knowledge and abilities. We carefully assess the skills each candidate possess through our complete testing process which includes an aptitude test that utilizes alpha-numeric testing along with word sequences to identify problem solving skills. A WHIMS test is another assessment we conduct to ensure that all workers are educated about workplace Health and Safety.


The advantage to you, the client, is that we provide top quality service that will include all the screening that you or a staff member of your organization would have to do. These services include:

  • Obtaining the candidates work experience and conducting reference checks.

  • Utilizing testing procedures to determine the candidate’s skills.

  • Provide skills training.

  • Conducting basic and advanced testing, including a general aptitude test.

  • Conducting a WHIMS test.

  • Providing a Health and Safety orientation.

  • Manage employee reviews and disciplinary actions through our human resources department.